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Innovatie in bakkerij en chocolade
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X The Food Pilot has more than 50 food processing pilot devices used to drive innovations in the agro-food industry.
Below you find a list of the semi-industrial processing equipment for bakery and chocolate.

Contact persons for pilot tests:
Katleen Coudijzer (dairy and other products) +32 9 272 30 19;
Geert Van Royen (meat fish) +32 9 272 30 45;
Nathalie Bernaert (fruit and vegetables) +32 9 272 30 61.

X When performing lab analyses, the Food Pilot staff choose the most appropriate method;
provide expert interpretation of the results; and give incidental advice.
This applies to the analysis itself as well as any irregular results.
A broad range of microorganisms can be detected (1), including yeasts and moulds, Listeria monocytogenes and E. coli.
Also chemical compounds, such as antibiotics, mycotoxins and veterinary drugs are screened (2) and detected with sensitivity. (3).

Lab ‘Microbial food safety’ manager Koen De Reu, +32 9 272 30 43 (1);
Screening lab for chemical food safety’ manager Wim Reybroeck, +32 9 272 30 11 (2);
Chromatografic lab for chemical food safety’ manager Els Daeseleire, +32 9 272 30 32;

X Compounds such as fat, protein and other components can be determined (1) along with the formulation of your product.
An optimised recipe can lead to a reduction of “E-numbers” or a reduction of fat, sugar or salt (2).
In addition we can determine the level of health promoting compounds (3) and try to preserve them better by optimising the production process (4).

Lab ‘Composition, authenticity, quality’ manager Hadewig Werbrouck +32 9 272 30 18 (1) or
manager Jan De Block, +32 9 272 30 06 (2);
Lab ‘Chemical food safety’ manager Els Daeseleire, +32 9 272 30 32 (3);
Food Pilot manager Katleen Coudijzer, +32 9 272 30 19 (4).

X Taste qualities and abnormalities can be determined by the Food Pilot’s trained tasting panel in the standardised taste laboratory.
Aroma compounds can be detected in food using GC-MS analysis.
Insight into the molecular basis of taste/aromas of products can lead to successful product and process innovations.

Contact Lab ‘Composition, authenticity, quality’ manager Jan De Block, +32 9 272 30 06

X Even at the end of shelf-life, a product still needs to meet to a wide range of quality criteria.
The Food Pilot integrates expertise in microbiology, texture, taste, colour and type of packaging in order to determine and prolong the product’s shelf life.

Contact Lab ‘Microbial food safely’ expert Els Van Coillie, +32 9 272 30 43.

X We visit the production site, take samples, measure the microbial load, and formulate guidelines to improve the cleaning and disinfection procedure.

Contact Lab ‘Microbial food safety’ manager Koen De Reu, +32 9 272 30 43.

X As the NRL (National Reference lab) for dairy and dairy products we organise ring trials for industrial dairy laboratories, we prepare standard series,
and we organise annual workshops or information sessions.
In addition to that we are the NRL for the detection of GMOs, detection of allergens and the determination of moisture content in poultry meat.

Lab ‘Composition, authenticity, quality’ manager Hadewig Werbrouck +32 9 272 30 18 .
For the detection of GGOs and allergens contact the:
Lab ‘Composition, authenticity, quality’ manager Isabel Taverniers +32 9 272 28 41.

X Our institute is a recognised research centre and service supplier. Analyses, pilot tests and other services supplied for the purpose of
improving products or processes are subject to subsidies by VLAIO, but also by many other subsidy agencies at home and abroad.
We help you find the right subsidies and give you application advice. By using the ‘KMO portefeuille’ of VLAIO for instance, SMEs receive 30 to 40% of subsidies on their invoice.

Contact Karen Verstraete +32 9 272 30 15.

  • Overview of all analyses
  • I wish to test new recipes and processes on a semi-industrial scale
  • I want to do analyses for my monitoring plan or I have a question about lab results
  • What is the actual composition of my product and how can it be improved?
  • How do I evaluate the taste and aroma of my product?
  • What is the shelf-life of my product and can it be prolonged?
  • Is the cleaning and disinfection of my production site performed optimally?
  • How is the industrial dairy industry supported in the broad sense of the word?
  • What about subsidies?

  • The Food Pilot offers an integrated package of services ranging from an idea to a successful end-product. The client can choose support for one, several or all steps in an innovation process, accompanied as desired by a project-specific package of testing, analysis and advice. Our services also include no-obligation advice on any food technological subject.
    Our services are completely confidential, from the first contact to the last recipe.
    Contact: Katleen Coudijzer or +32 9 272 30 19.

    Below you find a list of the semi-industrial processing equipment for bakery and chocolate products. Click on ‘details’ to see the specifications and possibilities of the different applications.
    Contact persons for pilot tests:Katleen Coudijzer (dairy) +32 9 272 30 19;
    Geert Van Royen (meat fish) +32 9 272 30 45;
    Nathalie Bernaert(fruit and vegetables) +32 9 272 30 61.
    Equipment Available
    cooking kettle major Line, type Baskett 130, model PRIV 130 M
    tumbler MKR 150
    cryogenic freezing 1-trolley chamber
    freeze dryer Epsilon 2-10 D LSC
    multi-process horizontal autoclave AR091
    combisteamer OES 20-10 GN
    vacuum cooking cutter K64AC8
    vacuum packaging machine KN5
    packaging machine TS 400
    UHT installation SPP
    two step homogenizer
    two stage falling film evaporator
    multifunctional dosing machine gravimetric
    UHT installation APV pilot
    bain marie
    M4E-test unit
    reduce, mix and homogenize device UMSK 60 E
    multifunctional volumetric dosing machine
    can closing machine MP 160
    aerating system T-50
    induction cap sealing machine HF-500
    metal detection R-Serie/Profile Select+
    3-roll wals Exakt 3-wals 80E
    vibrating sieve finex 22
    low shear mixer
    sealing machine polymat varioseal PN
    bag packaging machine medseal digital 611 MSIDK-2
    spiral kneader SP24 F/T/E/U
    planetary-mixer BT40/20
    dough sheeter rondomat 4000 SSO 6405 DO
    baking oven condo CO 6.0608
    ball mill
    milling machine Quadro

    Flexibility of set-up
    The pilot equipment is movable. It can be placed in flexible lines to create a specific production process. Many combinations are possible that mimic an industrial process on a pilot scale.

    Food Pilot – op site ILVO eenheid Technologie en Voeding – Brusselsesteenweg 370 – 9090 Melle – België – T +32 9 272 30 00 – F +32 9 272 30 01